Dial Machines / Lean Assembly

End Cap & Tubing Assembly Dial



High Speed Cam-Driven Assembly Dial



Gear Assembly & Test Dial


Dial Machines

  • Used for Assembly, Machining, Inspection, Etc.
  • Single and Multi-Tooled
  • Roller Cam and Simple Pneumatic Indexing
  • 2 Stations to 24 Stations
  • High Speed, Fully Cam-Driven (2,000-8,000 Parts Per Hour)
  • Quick Change to Process Multiple Style Parts
  • Minimal Floor Space Requirements

Lean Cells For Fuel Rail Assembly


Lean Cell For Wiper Module Assembly


Lean Assembly

  • High Efficiency Production
  • Cost Effective Manufacturing
  • Short Schedule Build Times
  • Flexible, Multi-Part Processing
  • 100% Operator Poka Yoke Error Proofing
  • New Product Re-Tool Capability to Salvage Most of Equipment
  • Small Floor Space Footprint and Flexible Layouts
  • Low Maintenance Costs